Ethically rescuing native plants from construction in Central Texas.

“I really find it fascinating that you can walk onto a site that looks to me to be just weeds, dirt, and rocks and find beautiful cactus and plants that I would have never noticed.”
– Developer

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What We Do

We work with private landowners and municipalities to responsibly rescue plants that are in development's way. We send plants & seeds to conservation agencies, local native plant growers, community pollinator gardens and other habitat building projects.

Our Impact

We have rescued over 250 native species, including multiple Species of Greatest Conservation Need. These plants are conserved with botanical gardens, seed banks and non-profits. By working with local native growers to propagate the rescued plants, native species that have never been available in Central Texas are now in native plant nurseries and in native plants sales. These plants help pollinators, save water and increase species biodiversity.

The Details

We are an insured all-volunteer force, and there is no cost for our service. We only rescue plants from within the limits of construction, and we keep plant rescue details confidential. Rescuing plants will not interfere with the development of your property.


Growers We Work With

We give Plants to

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
San Antonio Botanical Gardens
UT Landscaping and UT Microfarm
Water Quality Protection Lands of Austin
Zilker Botanical Gardens
School and Community Gardens

A project of the Native Plant Society of Texas
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